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Headmaster Pavel Drtina

Lead teacher of Fine Arts Department Marie Rejfová


Link to school websites www.pedevropska.cz


College of Pedagogical and Social Studies, Vocational Pedagogical Secondary School and Grammar School, Prague 6, Evropská 33 is situated in Prague. It was built in 1936-1937 from plans drawn by Evžen Linhart, a successful local architect, as a grammar school. The building is listed by the Preservation of Historical Monuments law.


The school is focused on pedagogical specialty, the fine arts and music. Students pass leaving examinations in general, pedagogy, psychology and art subjects. Successful ones receive state leaving exams certificates.


A graduate in Pre-school and Extracurricular Teacher Training acquires theoretical knowledge and practical skills to work as a professional teacher in the following facilities: kindergarten, leisure centres, children´s homes, educational institutions, after-school care centres attached to Primary Schools. Teacher Training College´s and grammar school´s graduates are generally educated and prepared for further studies at universities aimed at enhanced teacher training, faculty of architecture and Fine Arts.  


The Fine Arts Department of our school offers the following subjects: painting, graphics, sculpture and drawing. In addition to that, all the students study professional principles of art history, theoretical background, drawing and other art disciplines. Students sometimes exhibit their works in the school and some Prague´s galleries.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.